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La Mer à Paris – Paris Plages at the Bassin de la Villette

13 Aug

I am njoying a warm evening in Switzerland before returning to Paris tomorrow.

One of the highlights that I am looking forward to is visiting Paris Plages again; two beaches right in the city of Paris.

Held from July 20 to August 19, 2012, and already in its 11th year, Paris Plages is well-known and loved by many. I recommend to skip the Pont Neuf Plage though and head right to Paris Plage at La Villette Bassin.

This is by far the more charming Plage, it is less crowded, has a more relaxed feel to it and an especially large area dedicated to children’s entertainment. Still it is spacious enough for adults sans children to enjoy calm and relaxing beach-time without too much of a hullabaloo.

It is the perfect gathering place for people of all ages for trying out new activities, for socializing, eating, drinking and simply for having fun.

Villette Plage for grown-ups

Restaurants, shuttle boats, ballroom dance classes (mostly attended by the not-so-young- anymore-but-young-at-hearts) where people of every age stop by, admiring the, mostly, graceful dancers. Just look at people’s faces in the picture below; if you want to see happy and loved-up couples, you will find them there.

There will also be a performance of Molière’s “Le malade imaginaire” on water on  August 15 – 17. For the more nautically-inclined there is the Nautical Centre at the Quai de la Loire where you can also book boat rides, there are pedal boats (big favourite for many, me included), typical French Petanque games, table football – and to start your day in a serene mood, you may attend one of the Tai-chi classes held every morning from 10 am to 12 pm (also at Paris Plage Pont Neuf).

I’ve taken the “aerial view” picture from atop the canal’s highest bridge, from which you have a great view over the whole Plage.

Villette Plage for children

Slides, Zip Wires, beach games, water zorbs, a pirate ship, science workshops in collaboration with la Cité de la Science, a mini-golf course and more.

Find detailed information about both Paris Plages here (in English and French) and details about the canal and the different events around it here (in French only).

Wishing you a great Summer holiday in Paris!

Princess in Shopping Land

1 Nov

Great fashion with small pricetags

Sequined dress

Sequined dress, my own design

In Shopping Fairy-Tale Land the birds are chirping magical words from the trees: Maje, Repetto, Zadig & Voltaire… The mere mention of these brands make women’s hearts melt and their credit cards glow.

How nice this would be; in Fairytale-Land our favorite dresses and shoes would grow on trees and fly to our windows carried by white pigeons.

The reality is different though. Often many miles have to be walked and countless clothes to be tried on until you find THE perfect new addition to your wardrobe. And modern city-princesses don’t need princes to make them blush, sometimes the price tag is reason enough.

There is a solution to this: Les stocks! They are the French version of outlets. All of the famous French brands have outlets where you’ll find collections from last Seasons for a fraction of the original price.

In the name of Rumpelstiltskin: And oh! I am glad that you now know, all the addresses of the boutiques below:

Stocks/Outlets in Paris

Zadig & Voltaire

Best described as the look of models off duty and fashion-savvy rockstar girls. Great knitwear.

22, rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 4th arrondissement

Bel Air

You’ll especially love their accessories.

36, av. du Général-Leclerc, 14th arrondissement


Sandro’s  F/W 2011 Sixties style dresses are beautiful, but there are also many great dresses from earlier Seasons.

26, rue de Sévigné, 4th arrondissement


Stylish key pieces!

20, rue André-Del-Sartre, 18th arrondissement


Unique-classic French style. Wonderful color-combinations. Great fitting pants.

44, av. du Général-Leclerc in the 14th arrondissement and 92, rue des Martyrs in the 18th


Step aside, Cinderella, these shoes fit everyone! Repetto became famous manufacturing perfect-fitting ballet shoes for professional ballerinas and later expanded their collection, taking their shoes from theater stages to the streets and making them available to everyone.

24, rue de Châteaudun, 9th arrondissement

… and for kids:


French style for children. Cute and stylish fashion for little ones, from babies to older kids.

42, rue de l’Université, 7th arrondissement